AEW All In Will Be The Biggest Mess in Wrestling History

It’s been heralded as “the biggest pro wrestling event of all time” with an impressive 80,000 fans expected to attend, but as the frenzied anticipation for All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW’s) ‘All In’ event at Wembley Stadium on 27th August rises, several issues have raised eyebrows within the wrestling community.


The thrills of the impending wrestling extravaganza are being somewhat overshadowed by a medley of concerns ranging from lack of complete information on fan events, alleged locker room drama, legal scuffles of key talents to continued disregard for women’s wrestling.


Are these concerns justified? Let’s take a deep dive.


Disorganised Chaos? Probably…


The August 27th wrestling spectacle is preceded by the Welcome Party to be held on August 26th. However, AEW’s management has been conspicuously reticent about this. No comprehensive details of the event have been aired, and fans are worried about potentially high prices to meet the talents.


Given the bite from the UK’s cost of living crisis, wrestling enthusiasts are understandably concerned about pricing and budgeting. AEW’s silence is inadvertent fuel to this fire, leaving fans in a state of unwarranted uncertainty.


The Elephant In The Stadium


Meanwhile, backstage drama continues unabated in AEW. The headline-hugging trio of CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks remain embroiled in the “locker room drama.” The arrival of AEW ‘Collision’ has seem to have drawn definitive lines amidst this chaos, with stories coming out almost daily about the aforementioned talent.


One can’t help but wonder if the ‘Brawl Out: The Sequel’ is on the cards for the Wembley event. Even more so, I wonder if CEO Tony Khan can keep it together to mitigate the potential storm heading his way.

Young Bucks (left) vs FTR (right) is one of the card’s highlights. Credit: AEW


One more concern hovers over the event, that of AEW World Tag Team Champion, Cash Wheeler’s arrest. 


As a prominent talent, Wheeler’s legal entanglement is an unwelcome disruption for AEW, especially given the ongoing locker room drama. What doesn’t help is that he, along with his tag partner Dax Harwood, are scheduled for one of the only matches that has drummed up any form of excitement with fans. If things go wrong so late in the game, how will AEW handle it?


Tony Khan Can’t Book Women’s Wrestling


Lastly, but certainly not least, is the glaring issue of gender inequality within the AEW. A striking feature of the ‘All In’ event card is the lack of women. This omission not only reinforces the injustices widespread in wrestling concerning women but also illuminates AEW president Tony Khan’s continued inability to effectively book a potent women’s division.

Despite the talent boasted in this image, The Outcasts (l-r; Toni Storm, Saraya and Ruby Soho. Credit: AEW) have not been given the capacity to develop intriguing storylines with the women’s roster.


This is a systemic issue that significantly impacts the overall AEW narrative. In fact, it has plagued AEW since its inception. In a world where women have consistently shown they can be a draw for the company, Khan seems incapable of crafting multiple women’s storylines like he does for his very clear favourites.


In summary, while the ‘All In’ event promises to be a significant notch in AEW’s journey, it’s encumbered with valid concerns. The management’s reticence on fan event specifics, simmering backstage drama, disruptive arrests of key talents, and a disappointingly limited women’s card cumulatively cast a long shadow over the event. One can only hope that AEW matches the fanfare with equal attention to addressing these disconcerting issues leading to the big event.